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Pesaplus enables SACCOs and MFI’s to integrate mobile banking into their core banking platforms. It automates the deposit of monies from any mobile money platform like M-Pesa into the clients’ account in the institution and enables withdrawal of monies from the same account using a USSD interface. The USSD interface offers other related services that clients might be interested in including checking balances of the account, request loans, request mini statement, purchase airtime and such other services

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Pesaplus Services

Withdraw Money

Withdraw money from a FOSA Account or a similar current account

Deposit Money

Deposit money to your Account or a similar deposit taking acccount. You can also buy shares in your Sacco


Query for your account's mini-statement

Buy Airtime

You can buy airtime directly to your phone using the money in your account

Account Balance

Check your account Balances


Apply for loans, repay loans and query statuses

Pay Bills

Pay your bills directly from your account

Money Transfer

Transfer money from your account to other people

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